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What is "virgin hair"?

In hair market, you often hear about virgin hair, natural hair or remy hair. So, what is virgin hair? and is it different from natural hair or remy hair?

1. What is virgin hair?

virgin straight hair

You can see at the image beside. They are our Virgin straight hair weaving made from 100% raw hair cut directly from one donor.

So I can define virgin hair as the hair that is cut from one donor and totally is in original state and not processed with any chemical or steam.

A hair bundle that contains hair from multiple donors it can not be called virgin hair. As a result, Virgin hair is the highest quality hair in the market.

With virgin hair, you can bleach it to become lightest blond or dye to any color you want(of course, to bleach or dye you need a professional stylist).

About the "age" of virgin hair, surely virgin hair has longest lifetime among all types of hair because it's totally original and not damaged by any processing.

2. Is virgin hair different from natural hair or remy hair?

Sometimes, you hear about natural hair, so what is natural hair. Natural hair as its name is hair that is totally natural and not processed. So natural hair is same as virgin hair about this point. But there is one different thing that is natural hair bundle can contain hair from multiple donors. So natural hair is very high quality hair too but is not high as virgin hair

About remy hair, remy hair is just the hair that contain hair having correct cuticle direction. Remy hair can be the hair that is processed a little or much. It will not be tangle but it's not qualified as virgin hair or nautural hair. However its price is reasonable so it's quite popular in hair market

About lifetime, virgin hair and natural hair are long and longest. Remy hair is possibly lower because of some processing.

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